11 Plus

Title Total Time Price Action
11+ Mock Exam Year 4 Set A 75 min £30

How software can work for you

Proud to be different, Our software is the only online 11-plus and KS2 teaching system that builds a unique learning experience around each student. We test, tutor and retest, always tracking your child’s progress, boosting learning at every stage with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

A Unique Online Learning Plateform

BOFA is one-of-a-kind. Every question comes as a triplet: an initial test to asses current knowledge, then tailored teaching and practice followed by a retest at a later date. We know your time is precious, that’s why we create helpful subject reports to be used with your child or passed on to a tutor.

Plenty Of Practice And Explanation

We’re not only about testing, we’re passionate teachers too. We use similar questions to those answered incorrectly in the initial test stage to explain where your child went wrong. We then offer practice questions and further bespoke teaching if required – whatever they need to improve

The unique benefits

Access to an unbeatable personalised learning tool that will propel your child to 11-plus and KS2 success (created by million-plus selling Bond Assessment author Andrew Baines).

Faster results. Marking and feedback is instant. We quickly identify where children need the most help, and then zoom-in on their potential. Planet BOFA doesn’t waste time teaching topics they already know.

Flexible, inclusive teaching that fits around family life. No one gets stuck learning with Planet BOFA. Explanations are easy to digest. The tests can be paused to help manage pupil study time. And each answer will be marked and tracked whether it’s within the time limit or not. A child is guided through weaker areas until they’re ready to move on.

Hassle-free account management. We are constantly adding in new functionality to help all users access information as easily as possible. We always welcome suggestions to help us improve BOFA.

Feedback is at your fingertips. Emails with key information arrive at the end of each test stage, so you’re always up to speed on progress. When one learning cycle is complete (after the ‘retest’), you’ll receive a summary email report with links to the full reports. These show the questions the pupil didn’t get right, with answers and explanations; organised into topics to help teachers and tutor focus future learning.

You’ll be in good company. 4 million tests have been done and counting…

Positive Praise throughout the process

Children need encouragement, especially if they are struggling with their learning. We have an automated awards and medal system that rewards not only correct answers but timekeeping, commitment and improvement.

A test sat in some counties in Year 6 to decide which state school your child should attend. It covers maths, English, verbal-reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Private and independent schools also use 11-plus style exams as an entrance qualifier.

State grammar schools are over-subscribed at around 70,000 children applying for 20,000 places, so competition is high and schools try to make the exams fair for all but, being prepared for any situation is always an advantage.

Just £7.99 per month with no tie-in, or you can make a single payment for a three, six or 12 month subscription.

All pupil data is stored ready for access when you reactivate a new subscription.

Good question! In theory children shouldn’t need to prepare because the 11-plus isn’t meant to benefit anyone who has practiced. In reality it’s impossible to set an exam for which no one can prepare. In which case, the quality of the preparation makes a big difference.