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Why us

Why is 11+ testing important?


The 11+ test is important because it determines whether or not a child has the cognitive ability and learning skills that are necessary for them to succeed in school. In other words, 11+ is a test that was designed to ensure that children are ready for the UK education system. The test is given in order to gauge a child’s ability in all areas of learning, including reading, writing, and mathematics. This test is designed to help identify students who may need additional support in order to perform at grade level. It also helps to determine whether or not a child will be able to handle the rigours of life as an adult, including being able to enter the job market successfully and earn an income.

Because of these reasons, many people believe that it is important for parents who want their children to get into top universities or find work in high-paying jobs (like doctors) to go through this process early on so they can be sure they’ll be ready when they get there!

The Best Ways to Get Your Child Ready for the 11+


Since the 11+ is the first “real” exam a student has ever taken, it can be extremely intimidating. The 11+ test measures your child’s all-around aptitude, so providing them with a well-rounded education is essential to their success.

Giving your child access to practise exams is an excellent idea, especially if they are taking pre-tests, GL Assessments, or CEM evaluated examinations. There are many resources for CEM practise questions as well, but a thorough understanding of the subject is more crucial because the questions on the paper tend to be considerably more erratic.

For every child taking an exam in English or verbal reasoning, expanding their vocabulary is crucial. You can support your child in this by explaining the meanings of more difficult terms in context and in everyday speech, as well as by encouraging them to read books that are more difficult than what they consider to be “easy.” ensuring that students are capable of providing several examples of both synonyms and antonyms.

It’s crucial for kids to develop time-management skills as part of their schooling. At this age, students won’t be accustomed to formal exam settings or the stress of having to finish a test in a set period of time. Have them complete practise papers under timed conditions to help them get used to this.

What score must you get to pass the 11+?


In the 11+ result letter for your child, the local authorities will provide various information. Your child may receive a pass or fail, a score on the Standardized Secondary Transfer Test, or you may be informed that they are “likely to gain a place” at a specific grammar school (SSTTS). SSTTS scores of 121 or higher are often needed for students to be eligible for a place in Year 7.

The STTS does not guarantee entrance to a grammar or independent school; every institution has its own unique admissions requirements.

How do 11plus services help students?


The 11+ is a very important exam for your child. If you are looking for the right platform to prepare your child, then we are the right choice. Your child will have an amazing time learning with us!

  1. We are a company that teaches students and guides them through each step of the 11+ exam. We give them all the knowledge they need to pass their 11+ test. We offer advanced methods of teaching our students how to answer questions so that they become confident in their ability to pass this exam.
  2. With our advanced methods for preparing your kids for 11+ tests and making sure that they always know what to do when they get there, there’s no way your child will fail. We have online testing software that’s designed especially for students, which means that it’s easy to use and flexible enough. There are 40 weeks of preparation, 5 days in each week, and on each day, there’s a small scheduled online test so that our students can continue practising and learning through our advanced technologies during this time period.
  3. In the world of online testing, it’s all about testing, but not teaching. Parents are complaining that their children aren’t being taught anything by other online testing companies. We at 11+ services not only test through our software, but we also teach our students. In the world of online testing, we’re different. We don’t believe in just testing a student’s knowledge and expecting them to be ready for their future. We believe that education is about instilling the right values, which our students will carry with them throughout their lives. That’s why we teach our students through our software while they’re learning, practicing, and preparing for what’s next.

How do we prepare lessons for students?


  • Our programme of rotational study has been developed over many years, and we are proud to say that it is tried and tested. We systematically build up each subject, from the basics to more advanced levels. This means that we ensure not only that each student is exposed to the full breadth of the subject before they are ready to move on, but also the skills and knowledge required for each discipline. The benefits of this approach are that students become more familiar with the subject and its content, as well as seeing how new concepts relate to their existing knowledge.
  • Our rotational study programme allows students to develop their knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way. Students will be challenged while they learn, and they will be encouraged to think critically about the content they are learning. They will also have the opportunity to apply what they learn to real-life situations.
  • Each lesson that we plan for pupils is different and focuses on a different part of the syllabus, so students will never feel like they are just getting the same lesson again. We also include carefully designed tests at the end of each lesson, which test both current and previous knowledge. In this way, we judge the weaker areas of our students rather than working on what they already know. As a result, by analysing students’ strengths and weaknesses, we can help them take control of their preparation and improve their scores.
  • Our exam prep is comprehensive. We guide students through the most efficient methods for comprehending and applying questions, especially on a time-pressured exam such as the 11 Plus. We’ll show them the easiest methods and how to answer exam questions with speed and accuracy.
  • We make learning fun! With our clever lessons and creative activities, your child will be sure to remember math formulas, grammar rules, and many other things that they never thought they would.

So what are you waiting for? Get our services and start preparing your child for their future!