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Uncle Wiggily Longears, the nice old gentleman rabbit, came out of the underground burrow house of the Littletail family, where he was visiting a while with the rabbit children, Sammie and Susie, because his own hollow-stump bungalow had burned down. 

“Where are you going, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Sammie Littletail, the rabbit boy, as he strapped his cabbage leaf books together, ready to go to school. 

“Oh, I am just going for a little walk,” answered Uncle Wiggily. “Nurse Jane Fuzzy, the water vole lady housekeeper, asked me to get her some sticking plaster from the five and ten-cent store, and on my way there I may have an adventure. Who knows?” 

“We are going to school,” said Susie. “Will you walk part of the way with us, Uncle Wiggily?” 

“To be sure I will!” crowed the old gentleman rabbit, making believe he was Mr. Cock A. Doodle, the rooster. 

So Uncle Wiggily, with Sammie and Susie, started off across the snow-covered fields and through the woods. Pretty soon they came to the path the rabbit children must take to go to the hollow-stump school, where the lady mouse teacher would teach their carrot and turnip gnawing lessons. 

“Good-bye, Uncle Wiggily!” called Sammie and Susie. “We hope you have a nice adventure.” 

“Good-bye. Thank you, I hope I do,” he answered. 

Then the rabbit gentleman walked on, while Sammie and Susie hurried to school, and pretty soon Mr. Longears heard a strange grunting noise behind some bushes near him. 

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” came the sound. 

“Hello! Who is there?” asked Uncle Wiggily. 

“Why, if you please, I am here, and I am the first little pig,” came the answer, and out from behind the bush stepped a cute little pig, with a bundle of straw under his paw. 

“So you are the first little pig, eh?” asked Uncle Wiggily. “How many of you are there altogether?” 

“Three, if you please,” grunted the first little pig. “I have two brothers, and they are the second and third little pigs. Don’t you remember reading about us in the Mother Goose book?” 

“Oh, of course I do!” cried Uncle Wiggily, twinkling his nose. “And so you are the first little pig. But what are you going to do with that bundle of straw?” 

“I’m going to build me a house, Uncle Wiggily, of course,” grunted the piggie boy. “Don’t you remember what it says in the book? ‘Once upon a time there were three little pigs, named Grunter, Squeaker and Twisty-Tail.’ Well, I’m Grunter, and I met a man with a load of straw, and I asked him for a bundle to make me a house. He very kindly gave it to me, and now, I’m off to build it.” 


Text adapted from Uncle Wiggily and Mother Goose, by Howard R. Gavis, which is in the public domain. 


Why do you think the first little pig says ‘of course’ in line 32?