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Cool air to rush across Northeast in wake of record-breaking heat

Temperatures can plunge 30 degrees in some locations as a weather phenomenon known as a backdoor cold front sweeps away the summertime heat that kicked off the month of June.

People across the Northeast may experience a case of weather whiplash heading into the weekend as Mother Nature turns on the natural air conditioner. Meteorologists say temperatures can plunge 30 degrees Fahrenheit in some locations as a cold front sweeps away the summertime heat that kicked off the month of June.

Temperatures fitting of the new season started right on cue with the beginning of meteorological summer on Thursday, June 1. Burlington, Vermont, residents experienced the earliest 96-degree temperature reading in the city’s history on Thursday, beating out the previous record of June 7, 2021. The first 90-degree day of the year there usually does not take place until June 19. For most, the heat didn’t let up on Friday. New York City recorded a high of 91 degrees, their second day in the 90s this year. Philadelphia climbed to 95 degrees, while Baltimore peaked at a scorching 97 degrees Friday afternoon. This broke the record high for the date of 96 F, which was set a century ago. Temperatures will take a dramatic tumble in the wake of a cold front that is expected to charge southwestward through New England and into the mid-Atlantic region to start the weekend. When cool air comes in from this direction, meteorologists call it a backdoor cold front.

With this setup, coastal locations are likely to see the lowest temperatures, forecasters say. In Portland, Maine, and Boston, high temperatures that were in the 80s near the end of the week will fail to leave the 50s at the beginning of the weekend thanks to a chilly breeze off the Atlantic Ocean.

The cool air will have staying power across New England, meteorologists say. By the middle of next week, temperatures may rebound into only the lower 60s near the coast and may not climb much higher across areas farther inland. Farther south and west, places such as Buffalo, New York, and Washington, D.C. can anticipate temperatures 10-20 degrees lower on Saturday afternoon compared to Friday afternoon.


Text adapted from AccuWeather website.


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