11 Plus


O it’s I that am the captain of a tiny little ship,

Of a ship that goes a sailing on the pond;

And my ship it keeps a-turning all around and all about;

But when I’m a little older, I shall find the secret out

How to send my vessel sailing on beyond.


For I mean to grow a little as the dolly at the helm,

And the dolly I intend to come alive;

And with him beside to help me, it’s a-sailing I shall go,

It’s a-sailing on the water, when the jolly breezes blow

And the vessel goes a dive-dive-dive.


O it’s then you’ll see me sailing through the rushes and the reeds,

And you’ll hear the water singing at the prow;

For beside the dolly sailor, I’m to voyage and explore,

To land upon the island where no dolly was before,

And to fire the penny cannon in the bow.


What is the rhyme scheme of this poem?