11 Plus

Our 40 weeks program is the best way to get top grades in 11+ exam

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Online Platform

We see our role as working in partnership with parents to enable their children to gain their first choice Grammar school place.

11+ Learning Platform

Structured course following our unique 11 programme, covering Maths, English, Verbal reasoning and Non Verbal reasoning.

Daily Tests

Daily tests covering all the areas of the 11 Plus designed by qualified teachers, who have the knowledge and expertise.

Instant results

Immediate feedback with explanations to help you along your learning journey

11+ Learning Platform

Over 10,000 + questions  

Updated regularly by 11 plus specialists

Daily Tests

Monitor progress and focus on areas for development.

Unique course

No need to buy books or exam papers, taking the stress and confusion out of 11 plus preparation.

Our ultimate 11 plus course designed by teachers who specialise in the 11 Plus. 

Our question database has been expertly created for you covering all areas of the 11 Plus with daily topic-based practice tests to enable focussed and structured learning. 

It is vital to have access to age appropriate material for each step of this process. Our age tailored content allows children to build their confidence and core skills at the right pace for them.  Immediate feedback and explanations are given to help you. We have 3 courses, year 3, 4 & 5, pick the year group your child belongs to and simply follow the course.